Very interesting

I’m not going to judge, blogo-world. I’m not going to label or name or do a Michel Foucault Order of Things kind of categorization. I’m just noting a few things. For your information or enjoyment. Or blackmail, later.

1. Toddlers who don’t sit down, ever, do not do well on airplanes.

2. Toddlers who like to scream “No!” at everything do not go over well with strangers. On airplanes.

3. Rescue Remedy pastilles work Every. Single. Time. Even if it takes half a tin to calm a Screaming Toddler on a Plane. And even if I don’t remember them until hour 4 of Screaming Toddler on a Plane.

4. There are things way more scary than Snakes on a Plane. See #3.

5. Toddlers who like to scream “No!” are particularly amusing when they bellow at the ocean. “No!” does not seem to keep toddler-piled dry sand safe from waves.

6. My six-year-old is really fun to be with.

7. It has been a long time since I was alone, playing, in the silence, with my six-year-old.

8. My toddler is really fun to be with.

9. It has been a long time since I was alone, playing, in the silence, with my toddler.

10. Aforementioned bouts of silent play, at least one hour with each child, brought to us by LEGO.

11. I will now buy stock in LEGO, despite my anger about their gender-ghetto pink and purple manicure salon and beach-lounging LEGO sets.

12. Kids do believe several servings of ice cream per day is just right.

13. Children kept to very regular sleep schedules at home are wildly wakeful on vacation.

14. Your own kids playing in the pool are the cutest thing ever.

15. Other people’s children playing in the pool are not cute. Ever.

16. Every kid playing in the ocean is adorable.

17. In public, women tend to look at children, especially babies as they go by. And often smile. Men almost never look, no matter how adorable the children or behavior are.

18. All of the above still shock me.

10 thoughts on “Very interesting

  1. Number 5? My (then) toddler did this, shaking his finger, yelling at the top of his lungs “No!” because the ocean kept touching his feet. I sat and watched in wonder, waiting for him to give it up. Stubborn little thing almost outlasted the ocean tides. Almost.

    • That’s awesome. Jane. Mine kept piling dry sand on the wet, then commanding the ocean with his fiercest “NO!” I wondered how he would react to the ocean’s incessant refusal to comply. And I was shocked he eventually gave up. The yelling. Not the project.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! Am sorry for the frustration lurking behind the events but it’s just so funny how you write about them.

    And the cuteness? Massive. Your kids are blinkin’ adorable.

    • Thanks, Inky. You know this blog’s reason for being is to make the sobbing after my children’s behavior look comical. Oh, the cuteness…it burns.

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