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In my massive 2012 self-rewrite, I have decided to split my creative tasks a bit. The big piece of my reorganization involves more fiction and academics. Less client work. Less social media. Less of the stuff I don’t need.

I’m also honoring my split personality by giving each of the voices in my head a blog. (I’ll begin with just voice-amplifying blogs, because some of the people in my head are just horrible and don’t deserve to have any more power than they already do. In fact, drowning them out with productive, creative, awesome work is a damned fine reason for another blog.)

Check out my other side, the logophile who rarely mentions children. (Except for the fact that they inform who I am and what I write, research, and read. You know: the little things.)

Find my professional, less frazzled writing persona over at Lots of glitches still, including evidence of the egregious mistake of having handle my domain. That mistake will soon be remedied (and if you’re curious about who should register your URL, check out this review at LifeHack, which I found after hating Lesson learned, again: do not search Google for tech stuff. Search Google for reviews of tech stuff and trust only established experts.)

Anyway. Follow and comment and join the Me who is creating a space for Me now that I know more about Them and how wonderful and self-eroding They can be if I don’t force my way into some personal headspace.

5 thoughts on “Plug for new blog

  1. Ladies, ladies. Ladies!

    Melissa, I’m trying. It’s been a particularly bad day so I’m feelings not so awesome. Here’s to pretending it’s just one day of 366. The spare day, in fact. I’ve spent my Feb 2 and now I’m going back to awesome. ;-)

    Kristin, I also have an *adorable* bipolar thing going. Like Cute and it’s Shadow over here. ;-)

    TKW kisses, hugs, and gustatory kinship for you, juggler of knives and nurturer of people.

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