Bad Lip Reading

Okay, everyone but me knows about Bad Lip Reading by now. (Eternal Gratitude to Maureen Johnson for initiating me.) But just in case you haven’t seen this genius hilarity, you simply need this post.

Because this is the funniest thing I have seen maybe EVER. I have watched it for days and can’t stop laughing.

Basic premise? Take video (anything from politicians to music videos), and overlay a track of you reading the outrageous things it *looks* like they’re saying. String together as many as possible to comic effect.

Just watch. Just know that you will have to hit pause a few times so you can laugh your face off.

Laugh. Your. Face. Off.

Here you go. Because everybody needs toucan stubs.

7 thoughts on “Bad Lip Reading

  1. “Clearly there’s a bad rabbit in this block and it’s got my pink clown enemies.” LOL. Reminds me of mad libs.

    Did you watch the ‘shoot a Russian Unicorn’ vid? Trick the monsters so they don’t shoot my left nut!!! Apparently, I’m also Ukrainian. and vermillion. And he has my barbie zucchini.

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