Dear Yoga Journal,

Please don’t send me an email with the subject line “Eating Wisely” while I’m opening a thoughtful gift of the most glorious handmade caramels Seattle has to offer. Such a message is rude and it kills my gorging buzz.

I may unsubscribe just for your insolence.

Naptime Eating

9 thoughts on “Unforgivable

  1. I LOVE See’s key lime truffles. LOVE LOVE LOVE. they are orgasmic, wayyy more than yoga.

    You ARE *wisely* eating good shit.

  2. Nap, ♥ “I may unsubscribe just for your insolence.” So perfect, that sentence. (More people need to use the word “insolence” in regular conversation, methinks.) A+ and glitter cakes for you.

    LOL, Unicorn!! :D Glitter cakes for you, too!

  3. Oh, kill me now! Fran’s?

    I think to redeem themselves, YJ staffers should send you an additional box of caramels! ; )

  4. @unicorn Key lime, eh? Nope. White chocolate is unacceptable. I’ll give you the perfect sweet/tart balance. But no white chocolate in this house.

    @Inky I’m all about insolence. So it’s a bird of a feather kind of deal. Ditto my use of “puerile” and “supercilious.”

    @Stephane jonboy. Fleur de sel. Molasses ginger. Balsamic berry.

    • Poor, sweet Unicorn. Nothing is wrong with it for most people. Mine is not a health objection. I find it an affront to real chocolates. I also find it cloyingly sweet. And kind of creepy. Not sure why.

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