Holiday Wish Lists

Fabulous post from Geek Dad on the Five Toys a kid *must* have.

No need to pepper spray other shoppers: these items are easy to find and priced well almost everywhere.

I don’t want to spoil the effort and research that went into this tech-centric dad’s methodology, so please click to read Jonathan Liu’s hilarious post. I’ll give you some hints on the first two necessary holiday toys:


Okay, those weren’t hints so much as actual items from the list.

Such toys, if you don’t know, even have awesome user manuals written by Antoinette Portis.

Go read the post. The third, fourth, and fifth best toys of all time might surprise you. But they’re guaranteed to thrill every child on your holiday gift list.

7 thoughts on “Holiday Wish Lists

  1. Fantastic list! I recently found 10 small rocks and drew faces on them for my own project, and they have since become Dale’s favorite toys ever. I’m also planning to get a Costco pack of scotch tape for the kids for Christmas.

  2. Yes. You ARE totally cheating by linking to someone else. But at least you didn’t pimp responses on Facebook and they compile them and call them a blog post.

    Lol. You (and Geek Dad) crack me up!

  3. SIL I was surprised water wasn’t in there. And string did shock me over tape. But he’s the tech expert…

    Dana, Peanut’s dream is to have all the masking tape colors on a dispenser so he never ever needs tape assistance.

    Jane! Thanks for the fb pimping idea. Why write my own when friends are funnier? O did steal the link from fb, so this post is cheating squared.

  4. LOVE that list of toys! Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, it goes without saying but here goes anyway: you rock. Just in general.

  5. Fie, thanks! I haven’t seen all of those pieces, and I appreciate the link. I read a rather insipid post about how remarkable the syllabi were, because they were honest, human, and specific. Um, that’s the point. I’m excited, though, to go read the other bits. In fact, I’d love to go to the Ransom Center on some trumped up scholarship and just read everything. Esp. the annotated dictionaries.

    @Ink, aw, aren’t you sweet? We miss you ’round the Interwebs. I know the semester is kickin’ your arse and the book is filling in the wee hours, but unicorn and I have lamented your absence a few times in recent weeks. I’ll betcha Fie misses you, too. Hope you’re well an that your holidays are full of sticks and boxes and string and dirt. ;-)

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