6 thoughts on “Gen X is tired of your bullshit

  1. Ain’t that the phucken trooth. I am sooo sick of the Boomer’s entitled shit. SO SICK. And the millenials are coddled twits. When some old d00d whines about this and that, I want to whip out the finger and a mini-violin. When an 18 yo whines about working, I want to smack them upside the head.

    I have to get up at 545AM for a job with no benefits, no health coverage, and shit pay because I had to change careers, because the phucken boomers are gonna die at their desks doing jackshit but wanting their asses wiped and annual raises and cookies served with milk, because I got sick and tired of being subservient to schmucks who only hired me to make them look smart, an impossible task, and because as a woman, I had to prove myself over and over and over again and start at the bottom each time because I wasn’t an shitbrain d00d. I hope the Boomers all choke. I really do.

    Gen X gave life to Gen Y, and YOU Xers ALL PHUCKED THAT GENERATION UP. Tell yer BFF your LOLs, and then go find some discipline for your spawn for phuck’s sake. I’m tired of the video games, texting in class, NOT TAKING ANY NOTES DURING LECTURE, flunking my tests and wanting goddamn bonus points for being lazy and stoopid, not being able to write a coherent sentence or have a non-spoon-fed thought. You want the answers to the test before the test? Fuck you. You want a study guide telling you everything on the test. Not gonna happen from me. You want an A but do horrible on the tests. Good luck with that. It starts with reading the text and showing up to class. Try that.

  2. Word. And, for the record, I am too tired to have that beer and be left alone, because I am NEVER alone. That, and beer is a luxury I cannot afford.

  3. Emily, glad you’re there!

    Maria, ain’t it the truth. Everyone on fb who liked this link liked the tired part. Gen X is tired. And Gen X has to be up early in the morning. ;-)

  4. Yes…Gen X is tired, it graduated during a recession…It just got on…it had to. Thank you for this post!
    I agree with unicorn….and I’d agree with Maria about the cost of beer!

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