A Riddle

Five year old gets sick, lies on couch watching movies and sipping from the cool beverages magically and lovingly brought to him.

Father gets sick, lies in bed watching movies and eating snacks magically and lovingly brought to him.

Baby gets sick, lies in sling and nurses constantly from magical beverages made lovingly for him.

Mama gets sick.

What happens next?

9 thoughts on “A Riddle

  1. That’s not a riddle. Riddles are hard to figure out. This, however, is sadly too easy: Mother carries on providing the magic and loving stuff, with a side of mucous. Sigh.

    I’m sorry. Please feel better soon.

  2. ah…yes. I’ve wondered the same. The answer in my house? Mommy steals little pockets of time to cry in the bathroom in between lovingly preparing food and dispensing that golden breast milk, enriched with magical antibodies to prevent such illnesses…

  3. things get worse, the house gets messier, there’s nothing to eat, the pit of despair grows and grows, kids run like wolves. then somehow mamma gets better even though there was only rice cakes to eat that she had to get from the cabinet herself, and everything gets put back together again. well except for mamma’s sanity, which has cracked deeper and has almost completely crumbled, but there’s always next time. feel better nap! ya gotta or yer all screwed ;)

  4. Mama takes care of herself because she knows nobody is coming to her rescue. That’s was how it worked in my household…

  5. generally this mama gets 15-24 hours allowed for being ill before her duties are expected to return. everyone else gets as long as they want. and mama gets resentful. congrats on puking, tho, because that potentially buys you a few more hours because nobody wants to hang out with a puker.

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