Now that’s just delicious…

Five year old put on the toddler’s socks this morning.

They don’t tend to be in the same moods or on the same planet most of the time; and they are almost never smiling in stereo. So this was, for us, a small moment of indescribable success and joy.

Tack it on yesterday’s mellow morning, full toddler nap, and awesome creek-exploring playdate in the nirvana weather of a Bay Area summer, and we’re building some serious reserves for the next few weeks.

Just in time for Spouse’s surgery and the post-surgical reality of three children in my care.

Wish us more sock and creek and sunshine moments, for we wish you the same!

4 thoughts on “Now that’s just delicious…

  1. Whoa. Hope Lemon Curd is ok, doesn’t sound too good. Maybe Peanut will help put his socks on too.

    Oh how I wish for creek and sunshine moments. My hooves miss frolicking and splashing.

    Big hugs Nurse Nap.

  2. Ah, Unicorn, a creek is good for almost all that ails ya. Except a bum knee, which is why Lemon Curd went under the knife. Nothing scary, but definitely a big deal. We’ll be fine. Homemade bread and almond butter and all…

    Hope you get some sunshine soon.

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