Five Years Cancer Free

Regular readers know that I have often posted about my desperate intellectual infatuation with the literature of David Foster Wallace. And an occasional video from an awesome band who created a beautiful in memorium piece for him.

This new homage to Wallace is just freaking awesome.

Happy anniversary to me. And here’s hoping everyone else who has gotten or will get a cancer diagnosis lives to find some joy. In something. Anything. I’ve found an awful lot in five years. And a geek-fest homage to my favorite book is delicious icing.

16 thoughts on “Five Years Cancer Free

  1. I can’t watch the video right now because I’m the only one up and the house is silent and we haven’t unpacked enough to know where earphones are. But. Cancer free for five years? I had no idea you had cancer. Congratulations, Nap. Rejoice!

  2. Hey, Fie! Congrats on making it there and on having a silent house!
    Yup, they carved out the little fucker five years ago. Then carved our some more after the biopsy came back icky, just to get a good perimeter around the former little fucker.
    Good riddance, little fucker!

  3. Congratulations! I hope you will celebrate with cake. Perhaps I shall celebrate with cake for you, in case that would be in any way helpful.

  4. Ding Dong the Phucker’s Gone! Fae also had a chunk of flesh removed with a large perimeter from her face. Glad you peeps are ok.

    Military ‘in’efficiency, no duh. Men sure do know how to blow up shit. IBTP.

    Um, you might wanna think twice times a zillion about cake, especially if it’s shit from box. ixsnay on the icing aka sugarshitinprettypetrolcolors too. Maybe you can roll around in the cake, or have a food fight with it. Safer than eating it. Have an organic pear.

    You bring me joy. Hugs.
    Unicorn does five herkies for you

  5. Five years? Hooray!!! My mother-in-law just spent this past year kicking breast cancer’s ass…It hasn’t been an easy road, but it does some amazing things to get your priorities in check. Yours, ours, everyone’s. You come away healed in ways never imagined…

    May you find infinite joy in the next dozen multiples of five, Nap!

  6. Congrats and I’m so glad, Nap. Thank goodness/goddess/allgoodthings — xoxo

    Re: DFW, when we did introductions in class this week, one person mentioned him as a fave and I…um…well, ok, I *squeaked* because I was so excited to tell you.

  7. @Melissa, thanks for getting us both cake. It’s okay that you ate my piece because I ate yours, too. See, you ruined my secret…I made you a cake, too. But I ate it. Glad you had some anyway.

    @unicorn. Dear, sweet unicorn. Have we met? Do you know me? Cuz I’m pretty sure you know I’m all homemade, local, organic, wholesome n shit. When possible. Cake ’round here is always whole wheat Moosewood’s Six-Minute Chocolate Cake with all organic. And frosting of my own concoction: organic cream cheese with organic low-sugar raspberry jam. All mushy and yummy and nutritionally vapid but also free of pesticides and neon colors. Sweet Unicorn. Still toxic to you, given all the allergens, but still. No box mix. Perish the thought.

    @TKW we all know the getting past versus the getting down is pretty out of our hands. I was lucky. Caught it, cut it, scar be damned. People who are gotten down by rapidly dividing cells are totally sucky unlucky. Guilt, along with my cake.

    @Evenshine I marvel at all the work in that video. The level of detail is frighteningly impressive.

    @Maria I have a friend who got really sick with his cancer, and his treatment. I was lucky all I needed was a sizeable chunk removed. No ill effects from the growing, nor the treatment. Lucky lucky lucky. And guilty. Near the cake. And from the cake. ;-)

    @Ink HE GETS AN A! ;-)

  8. Joy!

    NB: Longtime fan of The Decemberists and newfound fan of Parks and Recreation. For the first time ever, I think I’m interested in reading Infinite Jest. That is, whenever I can ever find the time to read again. Maybe when you’re celebrating your 15th…

  9. @Cathy Thanks! And a big YAY 10 to your friend!

    @tara Thank you for the cupcake. Delightful. And for the new friend. Will read up on him soon.

    @sil I really need to raid your playlist. I had never heard of The Decemberists (shame, guilt, hangdog look) but really dig the album. And you introduced me to Jeff Buckley, so I clearly need to just have you make over my whole musical ignorance. Need to see Parks and Recreation (it’s on the list for after these four clients clear my calendar in October). And now I know what to buy for your birthday-of-the-oceanic-travels…a copy of IJ! (Know who else is a big fan? Jon Krasinski of The Office. Note that the boss of Dunder Mifflin is David Wallace. Another hommage by awesome creatives…just saying you wouldn’t be the first cool dude to go the way of Wallace.)

  10. I want to be sure you are not offended by this, about what I’m going to say in this little white box.

    But I had an inkling. After spending time on your blog yesterday, I had an inkling there was something ethereal in your days on earth to evoke the spirit I find on these pages.

    I knew there was something.

    There always is, when you find writing like this.

    So sorry this was part of your life: but I see it, it’s here: and you’re not the person you were before you were refined by the fire.

    • What a magic to have a reader appreciate your heart as it comes out in words. Thank you.

      Funny your choice of words, for there was an actual fire, too. I posted about it in October of 2011, though the fire was October of 1991.

      I’m not the same person as I was before the cancer, before the fire, before the children. None of us are, right? The same as we were before any of the bits that make us Us.

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