All I Want for Easter Is My Own Apartment

Peanut (in his fifth Spring):
“I’m going to color some eggs
and then peel them
and sell the art to a store
and buy some sticks and string
and make a tent in the backyard so I can sleep in the backyard by myself
because I really want to be by myself.”

Ah, friend. That desire seems Universal around this joint.

8 thoughts on “All I Want for Easter Is My Own Apartment

  1. I say turn your backyard into Camp Peanut, and give him a pup tent, flashlight, blankets, sleeping bag, and some beef jerky.

  2. Tell him you can supply all the equipment in exchange for being able to hide out there with all the forbidden foods you lust after…Sounds fair, no? Hope you had a Happy Easter!

  3. I’m very difficult to live with. I figure I’d be doing everyone a favor to hole up at the Day’s Inn. The rest of the family doesn’t seem to think so. :)

  4. Peanut actually gets to camp in the yard and in the living room in his one person tent or in a three person with Spouse. He hasn’t yet this year because of rain, but the living room’s always open. I think he’s had it up to his ears with parents and toddlers and rules.

    I like that he thinks a store will buy his dyed eggshells, and that sticks and string are store items rather than scavengeable.

  5. I changed my mind. Put the little rascal in a holding cell. He’ll miss you, curd, and Butter in no time.

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