March’s motto

I was writing to a friend to catch up on our lives. We’re disconnected by thousands of miles and yet linked by enough similarities to feel warmth in our infrequent connections. And I told her of celebrations and big changes and concerns and frustrations and…

And I came up with a surprisingly pithy description of March 2011:

“Happy, happy…happy…joy, joy….oh fuck.”

Do you have a month like that? Or a year like that?

10 thoughts on “March’s motto

  1. So far its been ,” Stop hitting your brother. it’s not kind….” Repeat.
    Coupled with the thoughts inside my head…”please don’t have another fucking meltdown at bedtime!”

  2. Sometimes, it’s like comparing battle scars…There are many moments when I wonder, “How EXACTLY did I get here?”

    Hang in there…it HAS to get better!

  3. I’m at more of a “March?! When the f*ck did March get here?” point. Too much to do, not enough sanity. My kids are driving me fk’n insane.

  4. or a life like that?

    oh nappy. where does the time go? down the company store toilet. good luck with your move. watch your fingers.

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