Pantone chips optional

[Peanut made a paper bag robot with buttons all over it. Later, we heard this from the backseat of the car:]

P: Daddy, which color button should I push? There’s yellow, light yellow, and yellow-ish.

[When asked for other options, we heard there were “purple, gray, black, green, and other gray.” I asked what the difference was between the two grays.]

P: One is gray like clouds and one is like people gray. You know, not black, not white, but kind of Daddy-color. Or me-color. Is that gray?
Wait. I mean beige.

4 thoughts on “Pantone chips optional

  1. Ah, it’s sweet when kids remain color-blind. But if anyone ever dared call me gray, I’d knock ’em in the kisser.

    And a robot out of a paper bag? How clever is Pea?

  2. he’s gonna be a makeup/hair stylist. if he starts putting numbers on the colors, it’s a wash. (get it?, wash… lol).

  3. Love that he is color blind! However, I agree with Kitch. If someone said I was looking a little gray, I would start to get concerned that maybe, I was, in fact DEAD, instead of just feeling like it….

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