We interrupt this flu season…

Scrambling for a silver lining here amidst almost a week of fevers and nasal nonsense.

Found it yesterday when Butterbud and I took a long, feverish nap together. I awoke, 102 degrees, with hot baby breath on my nose.

Babies sure wake a lot when they’re sick. Preschoolers sure whine a lot when they’re sick. Spouses sure wake a lot and whine a lot when they’re sick.

But at least there’s been some napping again in this house. We’ve missed it.

Hope you’re well. And that we are soon.

8 thoughts on “We interrupt this flu season…

  1. I was sick as a shit too. Went through 3 entire boxes of tissues. Couldn’t sleep cuz I couldn’t breathe. I found my silver too. Maybe we have enough between all us sickos to get a gold bar.

  2. Ugh. We were there a couple of weeks ago. You never appreciate your good health until you’re laid up. Boo. I hope you’re all back to normal — plus napping! — very soon!

  3. Don’t want to make this sound too luxurious…two naps in seven days of yuck, most of which was the other stuff I mentioned. But thanks for the well wishes.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if one person killed off the virus with their fever and coughing, so that nobody else got it? What’s up with this social contact that spreads germs? I’m becoming more and more isolationist in my not-old age.

  4. Don’t you wish there was an app for that?

    Here’s to all the silver linings you can find when the BUG is out and about…How is Butter reacting to your incredibly reduced dietary intake? Have you noticed and positive changes, minus the snacking in the cat litter box?

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