That’s an interesting choice

I see how it’s going to be. To help your tiny, narrow, horizontal Eustacian tubes drain I’m going to stop eating any food that is a potential allergen. And you’re going to eat cat litter.

There goes my urgency to save for a good college…

7 thoughts on “That’s an interesting choice

  1. That’s rough. However, perhaps he has a taste for the stuff you are now being forced to eat…Can’t taste much different, right?

  2. Hey, Miss D. happily ate a ladybug off the sidewalk during a phase when anything but chicken nuggets and Eggo waffles were deemed unfit for consumption. Just proof that Butters can think outside of the (litter?) box?

  3. @Maria, you’re hilarious.
    @Kitch, ladybugs are protein, right?
    @jc It was those compressed pine pellets. They expand to the size of a full pine tree when they touch water, though, so he regretted the half piece he crammed in his mouth before I could get to him. In his defense, the litter box does look like it’s full of the whole grain low sugar Os he gets in the high chair.

  4. @Heather *temporarily* gave up chocolate. ;-) And the dozen other potential allergens. And work. And sleep. And…
    wow, this kid better freaking cure cancer or something. Or do something adorable like…well, like he does every minute of every day.
    Aside from the feline pine, that is. That wasn’t cute.

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