Happy, thankful, and not dead

Hey! Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I’ve officially outlived the composer who wrote “Oh, Susanna!” And Marie Antoinette. You’re luckier than several dead people, too. Check it out.

And speaking of death, thanks to the H-Net social sciences network for creating H-Death. In all seriousness, I was looking for calls for papers and journals focusing on death studies, and H-Death is just what I need for those conference papers languishing in a drawer (in a fake file cabinet on a user interface that pretends to keep things in drawers but really uses magnets to draw them on silica or something.)

Power to the living, y’all. Happy Thanksgiving. Glad you’re not dead.

9 thoughts on “Happy, thankful, and not dead

  1. I am indeed luckier than several dead people. Too bad I don’t have a frickin clue who the dead people are! Let’s keep it that way.

    I hope you aren’t up to your elbows in turkey ass. I’m making beef stew, dumplings, and apple cobbler, and watching movies all day. Enjoy the holiday with nut and but!

  2. We’re having a Big Fat Greek Feast at our house–wish you could be here. So you could tell us all sorts of freaky statistics about, you know, dead people. Entertainment problem solved!

  3. Again, your spin is simply beautiful. To be thankful not to be dead. Perfect. Happy Thanksgiving, from a gal who has outlived Queen Mary 1 of England by only a month. I think I’ll have a “Bloody Mary” today to celebrate.

  4. Thankful for not being dead? Like the guest of honor at dinner on Thanksgiving day? Damn straight I grateful for not being someone’s dinner…

    Hope you had a great day with your little ones (and big ones, too!)

  5. Wait, does this mean it’s your birthday?

    *hauling out big-ass cake with sparklers on top*

    Happiest Birthday, Most Awesome Friend!
    Unless it’s not your birthday, in which case…you’re still awesome!

  6. Shit! I missed that too! Doh.
    *throws confetti*
    *blows kazoo paper thingy*
    *puts stickers in places that ruins the paint and can’t be easily removed*
    Happy Birthday!

    • Oh, sweet Inky and jc. Birthday was a month ago. The dead at your age site is glorious because you can use it any day, even if not your birthday. But thanks for the confetti and toots and stubborn stickers. I’ll take those any unbirthday.

      We did have a lovely turkey-free day with nut and but. Next year I’m going to jc’s, though, because stew, movies, and cobbler are my idea of heaven. Genuinely. As long as I can come without the kids and enjoy either a fire, thunderstorm, ocean, or other sensory gloriosity. I’ll bring the liquor and we’ll light ice cream on fire.

  7. I’m hoping to be right on the coast next year. Cross your paws and twigs for me. Yes, you are welcome anytime, whereverthephuck I am. Always. And I have a deep fryer. I have been wanting to make fried ice cream balls for AGES. Tgiving sounds better by the minute.

    I ate the entire pan of cobbler in less than 24 hrs. 4 apples + several cups of sugar. No wonder I was jacked.

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