In which I can’t decide

Not sure if it’s cute or horrifying that you can pull up on anything now…including the bathroom door. But you can.

Don’t know if other parents introduce grains and legumes before dry cat food. But you decided to go for the bowl on the floor.

Unclear on why you flip over and start crawling for your life any time I lie you down to change your diaper. You must know I can’t fold and snap on the go. I can’t decide whether to let you roam around naked or listen to you cry while I force you into a freshly washed nappy.

Not sure where you learned to raspberry your food all over the kitchen to indicate you’re done, but it certainly works. Very clever, as disgusting and messy communication goes.

Undecided as to whether you’re adorably delightful or delightfully adorable.

9 thoughts on “In which I can’t decide

  1. 1. cute, for now. if he starts swinging like a stranded cat, then horrifying if he falls on his head. time to buy a helmet?
    2. cat food is another food group: the opportunistic group.
    3. RUN BUTTER RUN!!!!!!!
    4. the next berry group is snozberry. It’s about to get worse. And blue.
    5. I’m convinced he’s a tossed fruit salad with butter sauce.

  2. Cuteness defined. However, if the cat gets wind of his opportunist ways, there might be a fight of epic proportions. My money is on Butter, though.

  3. With my first, I would have been out of my mind with worry, stress and guilt at the said chaos. This time around I can’t help but laugh and wipe tears of happiness (or is that complete exhaustion and defeat?) from my face. Adorable and delighful.

  4. My baby likes to try to get away when I change diapers, too. I’ve taken to giving him some really novel toy to play with when I’m changing him. He gets excited by that and will stay still for the 30 seconds it takes to get him changed and rearranged. Maybe try that.

    I’m with PPlate, though. With my first kid, I was LOSING MY MIND over all of these same things. With my second kid, I’m all… awwww… you’re so cute. I love you. Don’t ever change. (I mean, it’s okay to grow up, but keep on being your adorable self…)

  5. Please let me know which way you go on the nudity vs. nappy-shriek-fest debate.

    In the interim I will continue nursing (aka you can’t yell with a boob in your mouth technique) during nappy changes, which is about as much fun as it sounds.

  6. jc, snozberry *is* probably next. That must be what’s turning the butter sauce blue.

    MacDougal, he’s just too cute for that. Even the waking several times a night gets a smile and sigh from me cuz of the infernal cuteness.

    Maria, the cat’s a pushover. Butter’s a strong scrappy type.

    CFO, yes. Most of them.

    PPlate, that’s where I am. “Here’s a cardboard tube. I know I have 90 seconds from the time I give it to you until it’s a choking hazard. Go!”

    Fie, when I’m doing the snap-closure pocket diapers I can get it on while he’s crawling. With the prefolds it’s hopeless. And the special toy is analyzed then flung as he screams in righteous indignation.

    Yuliya, oh HELL no. I’ll cook nursing, clean nursing, read nursing, and walk nursing, but I’m not changing a diaper nursing. Too much work. Kudos on the Mother of the Year nomination I just submitted, though. ;-)

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