Reality Check

Quote of the week:

“Everything you think, say, and do either helps or hurts. Leads you where you want to be or takes you off your path. Contributes to the family or tears it down. Everything either benefits or compromises you, the ones you love, and the entire Universe.”

Well, gee, that’s not putting too much pressure on our choices. Now I have to actually think about what I put in my mouth, what comes out of my mouth, how I react, and what I choose every moment of my day.

I guess I’ll start taking deep breaths and long drinks of water before every blink.

Like I didn’t have enough to do this week.

10 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. And wouldn’t it be easier if these great, knowledgable people actually wrote an instruction manual for the rest of us, huh? Since they have it all figured out?

    Take a deep breathe, and do what you can…if it is done with a gentle heart, you (and apparently, the entire Universe) will be okay.

  2. I was just wondering aloud about whether or not the clutter in my house is symptomatic of a character flaw. And then I thought about the implications of that — how it would affect my children’s ability to keep their own lives/houses tidy in the future. Of the three kids in my family, I’m the messiest. I don’t know why that is, and I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with me.

    Then there was a part of Sid the Science Kid today where the mom was helping Sid get to sleep and she was telling him to “breathe in and breathe 0ut…” My immediate thought was that breathing awareness just makes me more concerned about my own mortality. And I don’t find that soothing. In the past, meditation had been very relaxing, but now, I might be too tightly wound even for breathing exercises. Gah!

  3. This just makes me want to avoid my kids so I don’t mess them up. Good Heavens.

  4. In what way does the author’s use of prison symbolize… and how does that relate to our discussion about… the protagonist’s struggle… the uses of irony?

  5. Oh… I thought we were just doing quotes of the week. I like the one from the movie better than the soul-crushing Sartresque one.

    • LOL mpb. Hey, I just found your Unacceptable Leroy Brown comment and haven’t stopped laughing all week. You’re a clever one, you are.
      The soul-crushing quote was courtesy of couples counseling. Whew, tough one, that therapist is.

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