The quick and the dirty

Highlights of the visit with a dear friend this weekend include an Impressionism exhibit where we saw Monet’s The Magpie and Bouguereau’s The Birth of Venus (which, for my money, totally shames Botticelli’s gaudy version.)

Also, coating our palates with cheeses selected by the knowledgeable cheesemongers at The Ferry Building’s Cowgirl Creamery and finding shirts to celebrate our absent pal jc.

Too bad there were so many menfolk in our way (you heard me, Spouse, Other Spouse, and Peanut). We could have eaten and talked our way through the whole City. As it was, we tasted bits. But hopefully it was enough to get us through.

6 thoughts on “The quick and the dirty

  1. Dudettes, YOU WEAR MEAT TOO? phew, glad I’m not the only one with pig parts on me.

    I’ll be flying in and out of both your cities next week en route to far away land for a talk. Hope I leave you some rainbows!

  2. Cheese, art, AND good company? Well worth the bit of testosterone you had to put up with, no?

    Hope you girls had a ball!

  3. jc, you go tell those faraways how to rock the spectrometer and we’ll wear our tasty salted pig part shirts proudly. Consider it penance for ever typing the words “vegan bacon.”
    Absolutely worth it, Maria.

  4. I wore my Tasty Salted Pig Parts t-shirt proudly on the flight home!! Added bonus: I was able to escape town without any more dive-bombing bird attacks.

    Thanks for bathing me in your wisdom and your company. And your crack cheese rolls.

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