Seems to me it’s significantly less terrible to slip with a “You’re killing me” at a small person if they don’t yet know what “kill” means.

Precocious is as precocious does. And as precocious procreates. Damnit.

On a day when I leave the car parked at the M.D.’s and walk three blocks to the grocery store, then forget about the distance and buy four bags packed with heavy stuff (I’m talking juice and pineapple and canned soup, y’all), and it starts pouring rain, and the shopping cart refuses to cross the imaginary boundary the store established for “jerks” like me, and the small person with me and the small person growing in me both turn out to be woefully weak in the bicep department and kind of fail to earn their keep; then I get home to find the plumber blocking the driveway and the whole freaking county parked along my street and I have to park two blocks away and hope the groceries I unloaded in front of the house aren’t stolen, and I find when I get to them that they’re probably only there because the paper bags are shredding in the rain; well it’s on that day that I am really grateful that I don’t live in an impoverished nation where I would have to carry water several miles every day and boil it to prevent parasites.

Seems to me that clearing out the anti-gay-rights politicians who get caught in gay sex scandals (yup, another) and the anti-family-planning politicians who have affairs in which they’re clearly using contraception and the “clear-out corruption” politicians who pad their coffers with bribery and graft and nepotism, that maybe there will be six people left in office. By coincidence, it seems, they’d be women.

When a state refuses to raise taxes or cut corporate welfare and decides to cut its education budget so severely that it will be last in the nation and doesn’t see how that compromises its future economic and social health, why then that state needs a wake up call. Can’t get something for nothing, California. And as soon as you stop counting the departments in which Berkeley tops all other schools in the nation, that’s when the whole state will fall into the toilet. So don’t protest on campus, people. Protest in Sacramento *in* lawmakers’ offices.

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  1. AMEN!

    Oh boy. If it weren’t for the heavy duty pain killers, I’d leave a rant in support. As it is, all I have to say is YEAH.

    Can we please get those 6 women who would be left to rally together and get some work done?? And could we please get the support for education back where it should be??? Ok…lucidity leaving me. But I’m here in spirit!

  2. Another sex scandal? Awesome. Those motherfuckers deserve to be shamed.

    Your grocery ordeal sounds miserable. My kids are incredibly lame at carrying anything when Mommy really needs them to–why is it that they suddenly become weaklings?

    Why do we slash education all the time and then send money to other countries? Or spend it on another humvee in Iraq?

  3. The six women would do the work of 1000 men, do it better, and get it done faster. I would hurl on the office rugs of some politicians, but I know women would be the ones cleaning up the mess.

    Hey, did you see the gay sex scandal at the Vatican!

  4. Amen to that…six women could do much more than all those imbeciles that are there now, and probably make enough to feed every starving person in this country to boot…

    As for cutting education, PLEASE don’t get me started…As a teacher of 15 years, I have never seen a cost of living adjustment…It’s a good thing that I love what I do…
    Thanks for your musings! They are certainly food for thought!

  5. Man, if this is you “nesting,” I’d love to see what you have to say about this shit when you’re *not* flooded with nurturing hormones.

    Also, I let slip a “you’re killing me, kid” at work…to a kid not my own. In my defense, a) his language delay is such that I’m pretty sure it didn’t register, and 2) he really, really was.

  6. The security thing on the shopping cart has thwarted me many times. Never park at Target, buy shit and then push your cart over to Marshall’s where you parked earlier so you could get some designer jeans with a button missing. Never do this, because your cart will fail at the line and you’ll have to carry your stuff all the way back to Marshall’s thinking did I really need all this crap from Target. Which you didn’t.

    • Ah, Jane, I was tempted to burst into tears. But we live in earthquake country, and pretending walking five blocks with four full bags of groceries while nine months pregnant and wrangling a toddler is tough would be begging for a little “wanna see how bad life can be?” 9.0 quake.
      Maria, I think we need to get all teachers to just freaking quit. Too many put up with too much because they love what they do. Y’all get shafted.
      Falling, search the blog for “rantlets” because I have some doozies. one reader swears by the phlebotomist rant, which I think you can find by searching for phlebotomy.
      Tara, I’m not allowed in a Target. Can’t escape that place without a room full of crap I don’t need to the tune of the phone bill, gas bill, and water bill rolled into one useless trip. Maybe we’d all buy less if we had to carry it. That’s it! No credit cards and no shopping carts or cars! Overspending crises solved. Thank you very much in advance for my Nobel in Citizenry.

  7. Instead of saying “You’re killing me,” I say “I’m going to to feed you to the wolves.” Little guys understand that.

    Your grocery trip sucked. I’m sorry. Stupid rain. Stupid cart. Stupid street parkers.

    • Fae, I spent the rest of the week grousing about the Stupid Planet and Stupid Al Gore and Stupid Plumbers who actually fix things.
      Ink, I did feel quite sorry for myself for quite some time. Too bad it didn’t send me into labor.

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