That’s an easy one

Problem: two terrible evenings in a row where Peanut spends the time from nap until lullabies out of his mind with the urge to scream and cry and physically torment his parents until well after his alleged bedtime.
Solution: bogle petite syrah port. two ounces in wedding crystal.
Problem: guilt over subjecting in utero second child to that particular avoidance technique
Solution: eat an entire sleeve of ginger snaps to go with the port.
Problem: it’s been four months since I’ve had a drink and I’m a lightweight. A very bloated, itchy, kind of grouchy lightweight.
Solution: more ginger snaps.

13 thoughts on “That’s an easy one

  1. So sorry, my first thought was you had given the port to the peanut…but that probably would have had the same effect as you drinking it. I think your way was more enjoyable for you!

  2. I, too, was hoping that the port, or at the very least a pint-sized dose of Benadryl, was for the peanut. Though gingersnaps will do the trick, too.

  3. No guilt! Hazelnut is fully cooked, my dear. No damage done. I might agree with the others though…maybe Peanut needs the port?

    Didn’t that port taste GOOD after all that abstaining?

  4. Your story reminds me of something a friend told me once: she was pregnant and studying in France. The people she met were completely confused as to why she wasn’t drinking wine, but was eating salad. (Women drank alcohol in moderation throughout pregnancy, but salad greens, apparently, were a prenatal no-no at that time.)

    So to each her own, I suppose!

    • I’m moving to France. To get a social nod for an occasional glass of wine and a PASS on leafy greens? Worth the beauty of the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage. What am I waiting for, again?

  5. Laughing at all of you. Really need to work on my editing skills if you think I’d waste amazing port on a kid who thinks dipping strawberries in hummus is tasty.
    For the record, yes, the adult beverage was AMAZING. All four sips of it. And the ginger snaps were not consumed in moderation, but, hey, I need to let my compulsive behavior out somewhere.

  6. When we use the word “moderation” about, say, contractions, then I’m willing to consider it in the weeks just prior to labor. Otherwise, I’d say you’ve got a free pass.

    • See why I’m totally coming too your blog for all my advice, Falling? In payment, here’s your free pass. Use it with wild abandon for whatever you need to maintain your own sanity.

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