chickens coming home to roost

Well, here’s proof that if you post how lovely it is to have a sick kid, you’re guaranteed at least two scourges of your own in rapid succession. I’ve been sick now twice in two weeks, and my only post idea is going as a guest post on another site. In short, dear reader, I have nothing for you. No snark, no sass, no waxing philosophical, no book ideas or reviews.

Nothing. Nada.

I will, however, point you to something that always boosts my spirits. Engrish.

7 thoughts on “chickens coming home to roost

  1. Evenshine, I made a great Engrish assignment for the beginning of a 1A class, where I handed out a diabolical engrish instruction sheet so my students could interpret the engrish into English. They got so confused, but tried so diligently, and the whole point was simply…if your reader has to do all the work for you, they will come up with something vastly different than you intend, so write for the reader.
    They’ve since deleted the engrish I used, though, which is disappointing.
    Ink and Kitch, that’s it—I’m moving to Colorado.

  2. I hope you are feeling better. It’s nice of TKW to bring you soup, but only if she takes Peanut with her for a few hours or a day or two. ;-)

  3. I’m a little slow on the draw here lately. This week has been rough and I’ve been using every free second to submit my book to agents when I am not having a nervous breakdown about Nino’s school and pulling my hair out. I’m sorry you were sick and I hope you are feeling better! And btw, I think I got the scourge too, cuz I replied to your post about my own happiness when my kids were sick and I was also sick this week. I think I deserved it. For that and also for putting Nino into kindergarten in the seventh ring of hell. Or at least that is what it turned out to be. Sooooo…now we are back to homeschooling again. Oh well. So much for free time while my 5 year old is happily entertained by free charter school education.

    • Organic, I read the post about Nino’s school, and about your ambivalence between homeschooling and kindergarten. You know I share that pendulum. Must hear more. Post or email, wouldya?

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