Sick babes

Oh, poor little Peanut. Poor, poor little guy. Couple of days of fever, couple of drippy nose days, now a cough and copious vomit. Poor, poor guy.

{Pssst. Over here. I know this is a terrible thing to say, but what a relief it is when this child is sick. Thankfully, illness is rare for him. We’re lucky. I don’t want to underestimate how lucky we are to have a healthy child. But with a child who has enough energy to power the Eastern Seaboard, who has strong opinions, is persistent and intense and verbal and really more than I can handle, nothing says “relaxing day” like a fever or puking. I basically get a day off to adore him with a rare minimum of effort. Sick days (as long as I’m not sick, too) are days off, parenting-wise. I’m loving and wonderful and he’s grateful and cuddly. And quiet. He’s quiet, people! LOVE it. But I can’t say that out loud. It would be wrong to say that out loud.}

I hope he feels better soon. Poor guy.

10 thoughts on “Sick babes

  1. You just said what nobody understands and would think I was horrible for saying. Miss D. + really bad virus = Mommy heaven.

    The child hasn’t cuddled since the day she became mobile. Nor has she stopped Pumping Up the Volume.

    So when she is feverish and cuddly and quiet and sweet? JOY.

    I get to experience, for a day or two, what my neighbor (who has the mellowest kid that we call Lump of Shit Baby) gets to enjoy all the time.

    Bliss. We are sisters in evil, but Bliss.

  2. Does this mean there’s more DVD time in the house? Because when my boys are sick, they keep f-ing running like crazed tornadoes and I HAVE to put on the damn TV or they wouldn’t stop.
    But enjoy your days off because he’ll be Peanut again soon.

  3. I get this. I SO get this. When the twins were sick last week they just laid on top of me all day like little puppies. They were so sweet and appreciative. They couldn’t get enough of me. It was heaven, partly I think because I knew I was making them feel better.

    I hope your magic has done the trick and he is back to blowing out your eardrums now. I guess enjoying a sick baby will just have to be our sick little secret.

  4. I get this, too! I can’t believe I am laughing at a post about Peanut being sick, but I am. Well, not laughing. Chuckling, perhaps.

    Hope he feels better soon!

    • Fae, of course. The beauty of fevers is I have no guilt about wall-to-wall DVDs. Even Peanut is shocked that he gets more than an hour. I think he watched the whole collection that day.
      Thanks, Jane. I really did enjoy. And he’s back to raising hell, so I don’t even feel guilty for enjoying the break.
      Ah, BlogInSong, I guess I didn’t notice that part of the joy comes from effectiveness. After banging my head against the wall 20 hours a day most days, sick child actually benefits from parenting. Quite measurably. Great point. Bring on the next scourge sometime in summer! ;-)
      Gibby, I kind of went for the laugh, so no hard feelings. All moms may smirk that I enjoy a feverish, quiet child. All moms with children who are never still, never quiet, never easy join me in proclaiming national quarterly fever days. Join our cult, Gibby, in TRUE suburban bliss. ;-)

  5. What a relief to read this post. I thought I was the Queen of the Underworld because I felt this way. I was actually a tad bit happy when Nino had pneumonia (when I was not sick with worry) because it was like a weeklong vacation. Seriously. And when Diego got stung by 14 fire ants and almost went into anaphalactic shock, as soon as the paramedics were gone and I was convinced he was still alive, I was able to enjoy a relaxing 6 hours of watching TV cuz he was in an ant/Benadryl induced coma, while I laid by his side. It would have been complete heaven except for the fact that I was petrified he would be somehow damaged when he woke up. Ahem. Anyway, thank you again. I adore you and your evil ways.

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