Tis the season. In Berkeley.

Know why I love living in Berkeley? Because everyone this morning around town is wishing each other a Happy Winter Solstice.

It is, after all, the next holiday. And an obvious one, since children all over town are up well before dawn because the damned planet is conspiring to remind us how completely in control physics is and parents are not. I’m hoping the solstice is soon because I want my sunrise back to sometime before lunch. Channukah’s almost over. Christmas is almost a week away. Next up? Solstice. And around here, it is another excuse to be nice to each other. It’s not L.A. or Boston at the CheeseBoard, I can tell you that. It’s friendly happy time. You’d think all these secular humanists actually treated people with respect despite their blatant heathen lifestyle.

Happy Winter Solstice!

7 thoughts on “Tis the season. In Berkeley.

  1. Happy Winter Solstice!

    Time for the Solstice, um…are there songs? Or rituals? (I’m thinking back in the day, there were lots of rituals. Maybe we shouldn’t go there.)

    Well, time for the Solstice friendliness, anyway.

  2. I have done no research on winter solstice tradition, Ink, but I’m sure the longest night of the year was a big enough deal since the old dudes moved Christmas to December just to counter the pagan rituals. We’re planning to sacrifice a burrito, light some candles, drink some cocoa, and drive around looking at the neighborhood lights. Probably what everybody else does on Christmas Eve. If you think of any good rituals, let me know. The Festivus pole is already up, though, so we can’t do that…

  3. Dangit, did I have the day wrong? I thought it was Monday? ARGH, can I not get anything right this year?

    We always light candles and play carols and either play a board game or read stories.

    Last year we covered pine cones with peanut butter, rolled them in bird seed, and hung them from trees outside as a present for the animals.

    Happy Solstice!

  4. It’s Monday, Kitch. You’re right. But Saturday Hannukah was more than half over and Christmas is a week away so the default setting on niceness was set to Solstice.

  5. Okay, I’m not quite as big of an asshole as I thought. Although I am, certainly, an asshole.

    Will make treats for the critters tomorrow and light candles and wish that you and Peanut (and Hazelnut) were with us, eating something good for us. xoxo

    ps: did I tell you that I was THIS close to applying Berkelely? But Mama threatened to slit my throat if I went out of state…so hey, what’s a girl to do :)

  6. That sounds awesome! I made gingerbread and lit candles and tried very hard to explain it to Evan. You can imagine how much that went over his head.

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