Take that, parenting experts

Let’s not bandy about the word precocious. Let’s not say anything about the apple falling from the tree. Let’s just say you parenting dorks and your stupid games are making me feel like an ass.

Me: Hey! I just heard that all the animals in the zoo are out roaming around and they’re hiding in someone’s mouth! Let me use your toothbrush to check your mouth to see if they’re in there.
Peanut: Mommy, we don’t put animals in our mouths because they have germs that can make us feel crummy. And did you know this? We use our eyes to look and sometimes a telescope.

Next day
Spouse: Gee, I can’t remember how to brush my teeth. Peanut, can you come in here and help me? I don’t know how to do this.
Peanut: Daddy, you went to college. You know how. And I saw you brushing today. Are you telling me a true story?

Next day
Me: Hmm. I’m feeling pretty fast today. I wonder if I can brush m teeth faster than you!
P: Mommy, we don’t brush quickly. We brush carefully. Are you feeling careful today?

Good luck, my friends who are in labor even as we speak. This might be genetic.

9 thoughts on “Take that, parenting experts

  1. LOL! Of course, reminding you that you went to college makes me think of my students–I’ve had some who made me wonder if indeed they do know how to brush their teeth . . . .

  2. And good luck to you too, my friend, who will be in labor soon. The second borns are often more clever than the first.

  3. i hate when my daughter makes me feel like an ass when i try to be all cute and fun with her to get her to do something. Nothing worse than being talked down to by a 4 year old.

    This was Too cute!

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