Dollars and nonsense

I think, if you’re going to charge that kind of money to listen to me and tell me the same things my friends do, I’m going to go out with my friends more often, practice with the band more often, and pay someone to clean the house once a month, instead. Because, though I’m sure you’re worth it, that fee is some serious bullshit, given my budget.

Hell, coffee these days is some serious bullshit, given my budget.

Thank heavens for friends, bass guitar, and maybe, maybe, maybe not paying Spouse to clean the house.

8 thoughts on “Dollars and nonsense

  1. BOO-YA! let’s get the all-bass band touring before #2 pops out! i’m with ya, sistah. i decided that instead of therapy i’d try to seriously focus more time on creating things. cheaper. prettier. more coffee.

  2. Do you need someone else in your band? I am a wicked tambourine player. Or I can break out the flute, if you want. :)

  3. I’m assuming that you are talking about your therapist…but I could be projecting my own issues your way…

    Alas, my therapist RARELY tells me the things my (few) friends do…as in, he says, “I think you’re pretty delusional if you think that’s going to happen…” and “You do realize you can’t change other people, right?”

    Humph. The Nerve.

    My (few) friends say very encouraging things like: “Of course you will suddenly be discovered by some amazing agent who will beg to represent you…” and “You need to kick her ass NOW because that sure as heck needs to change…”

    Fuckit. Wine therapy is my new coping mechanism.

    And if you are in a band you HAVE to meet Miss D. She wants to be Debbie Harry when she grows up and I am wicked proud and hopeful that she keeps the dream.

  4. ck I love having a thoroughly deluded public. Yay.
    J you gots it. I gots my eye on a lefty violin bass…and until then, keep painting!
    Ink We totally need tambourine. And flute. Come on down!
    Kitch Miss D will be Debbie Harry—what an awesome choice. Way to go little one. Yeah, my first shot at therapy was way too supportive. If I could be straightened out with nice talk, I’d just live on my blog with you nice folk.

  5. I dunno…I kind of like nice therapists. Mine is totally on my side. Or at least she understands that I’m *paying* her to be on my side…anyway, I can say anything and she makes me feel better about it.

    However, I’m about to try a new person who can also “manage” my meds (because my current one can’t write prescriptions and it’s become kind of a pain to bounce back and forth between doc and therapist). So I will miss her. Especially if he is the kind that’s all Suck It Up, Loser! Because I need gentle nurturing, like a flower. ;)

    Can’t believe I just said all that in public. Oh well.

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