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It’s not that I have a guest blogger today. It’s that I’m feeling lazy and have other stuff to do and kind of wish one of you would write a post for me. Or at least give me an idea. So leave a comment with a blog post you’d like to see soon, and I will oblige you. Even the really obscure or outrageous suggestions. In some form.

So here’s your wish list…

12 thoughts on “Guest post

  1. Hmm… top ten books you think should be required reading for all grown persons? top ten books you think no one should read ever, for any reason?

  2. I like Melissa’s ideas. Or maybe, a list of books that academia tries to shove down your throat but you just can’t love? (Hello, Heart of Darkness? Is that you?) Although I have to give Conrad props for one of my favorite lines of all time: The Horror!

    Maybe a list of books/stories you think Freshmen should have to read in Intro to Fiction…because really, who needs to read Hawthorne anymore? Does Hawthorne make *anyone* love fiction? Or is that not the point of Intro to Fiction–?

    Famous/acclaimed books or authors that you think are bullshit? (Hi, Umberto Eco, you pompous load of crap…)

    A list of totally underrated movies that you think we should check out…or a list of movies people love that you think are dreck?

    I would offer to guest post in a New York Minute…except I think posts like “Why people are fuckers” and “Help, it’s fall and I’m suicidal” might send folks running away from your blog.

  3. This morning on the yet-again commuter train I read:

    “A woman I met at the college where I briefly taught, once told me I had too many choices, that I was not driven by dire necessity. But that is just an illusion and her mistake. Choices are what we all need.”

    …From The Sportswriter by Richard Ford.

    Despite what you may think of the book and/or the writer, what do you think of the sentiment as it relates to ‘the struggle.’ Discuss.

  4. Wow, guys. Melissa and Kitch, I’m on it. And KW, this: ““Why people are fuckers” and “Help, it’s fall and I’m suicidal” ” is my whole blog in a nutshell. Plus some literary quotes. So nobody will run (more than they already do.) btw, spring makes me more suicidal than fall. Except when I’m living back east. Then the slightest drizzle has me curled up aand fetal, calling Virgin America for the soonest flight home.
    John, you’re on. That is one meaty quote. Consider it tonight’s post.

  5. Wait, Nap, didn’t you do top ten best and top ten that everyone else likes but I don’t already? I remember knowing for sure that I wanted to hang out with you after reading those… ;)

    (You know what I want you to blog about? People who slam mothers/hood.)

  6. Yup, Ink I did, but I need to revisit. Kitch, they’re linked under my “reading tab.” They might also be linked under my “about” tab.

    You won’t be shocked to find Heart of Darkness on the “are you kidding?!” list.

    I have to revisit, though, because at the time my entire library was in boxes and I was going on a very hazy memory.

  7. Stupid Heart of Darkness *shakes fist*
    Any Peanut-isms? He’s a smart cookie. And adorable.
    Maybe you should repost some of those lists.
    And have you explanded the Peanut’s Approved List of DVDs?
    Because there’s always room for more. Maw-haw. (Yeah, I’ll never give that up.) :-D

    • Faemom, you’re funny. Will do on the Peanutisms. And the Dvd list is, in fact, growing. Still just once a week, but creeping up toward 90 minutes lately. Bliss, that movie day. Pudding day could be forever lost if only it brought as much pleasure as movie day…

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