The dishes debate

Me: Are you up for doing dishes?
Spouse: Nope.
M: I cooked.
S: I got the groceries.
M: I read the stories.
S: I did the bath.
M: I did the songs.
S: We both did.
I did laundry.
And the cat box.
M: I swept.
S: I have an early morning.
M: Growing a whole person.
S: Aw, crap.

What can I say? Baby wanted pancakes for dinner, and now baby wants Spouse to clean the stovetop, too. Mama’s messy with batter.

8 thoughts on “The dishes debate

  1. Nicely done. You’ve got at least 8-10 more months of unconditional upper hand. I’d say to use them wisely, but I’d be full of sh*t. Just use them. All the time. (I’m so jealous…)

  2. Growing an entire person IS the ultimate trump card. I love it.

    And your husband is a great man. No matter how many times I told my husband, who is, ahem, a doctor, that it was unsafe for me to clean the cat box while pregnant, he refused. That PeckerWood.

  3. But Margaret Atwood is delightful! (I cab’t believe there is a book/author we both like.) She has a new book coming out, too!

  4. @Norm of course she’s wonderful. But feeling like a breeder is not a time to read Handmaid’s Tale.
    @kitch mine scoops the litter box maybe once a day. I scoop it twice a day (we *have* to stop feeding these cats…they’re out of control in the waste department). So he’s not so great. And he didn’t do the dishes. I did them the next day when they were nasty.
    @ck I have 6+ more months of this particular argument, and then I get to say “I made dinner. And created every calorie your child ate today out of nothing but sheer will power .” That sometimes works.

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