IJ quote of the day 50

So far behind. Have no idea what to focus on. Thinking through pudding. Mmmmm. pudding.

Anyway. highlight quotes from the days and days I’ve missed…

Poor Tony pathos at a new low:
“Krause whimpered raggedly and flew west, up on his bloody toes, hearing his breath off both alley walls, negotiating broken glass the the homeless supine, hearing it back behind him several steps crying a tight-echoed Stop Motherfucking Stop!, with a supine person Krause vaulted lifting a decayed head from the alley floor to counter with: Go!” (721)

Derision of the ignorant at a new high:
‘Did you hear what she said?’ the ironic man on the divan laughed. ‘Potable means drinkable. It’s not even the same root. Did you hear what she said?’ (734)

Orin’s psychological issues turn a corner:
“The Orin she knew first felt his mother was the family’s pulse and center, a ray of light incarnate, with enough depth of love and open maternal concern to almost make up for a father who barely existed, parentally” (737).

And the whole Joelle-at-the-Incandenza’s-for-Thanksgiving-scene: you thought Home for the Holidays was classic Americana lovable weirdness…this scene makes the Incandenzas undisputed next door neighbors to the Addams family.

Gotta tell you…I’m running out of steam on this quote of the day bit. I have used way too many tape flags and folded too many corners and I have stuff to do and…and…and I just want to read it, not blog it. But, sigh, these are the posts nobody reads anyway, so I might as well keep going.


6 thoughts on “IJ quote of the day 50

    • aw, trevor, that’s just the sort of non-pushy support I love. Clearly I’ll finish the book. I have a lot riding on publishing an IJ piece before the New York conference. But quote of the day is way draining when I don’t even bother to comment on them. Transcribing seems like a lame job.

  1. Hey Naptime, I adore your site, and will come whether you’re quoting-of-the-day or not. (Preschool tasks had me laugh aloud – not my usual m.o.)

    But transcribing is fine, too, if that’s what you have time for. Just that much effort I think is good, since it helps the quote to simmer in you, and the same happens when I read it. Then who knows, maybe it’s up to us to comment!

    • @IT visits to your site often leave me thinking for days, and I feel totally brain dead at not being able to contribute. Lit used to be my thing and now I’m fried. But I agree that finding the quotes is good for future analysis, and retyping is not only a good percolation tool but gives me a place from which to coopy and paste for more intellectual musings later.
      Okay, okay. Between you and Trevor I’ve found the energy to be back on the case…especially since the Chu/Mario filming scene was going to be my next quote.

  2. don’t always get to sites on time, but i love your posts. please keep it coming.

    Agree about weeks of thinking after reading IT posts. Still thinking about the abandoned children (next generation lost), Hal’s layers of presentation, which characters actually feel vs, express, and many many voids. Like the hollows of the Sierpinski triangle gasket?

    Have you written more about Avril or the abused & lost babes?

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