IJ quote of the day 42

[Randy Lenz, I’m boycotting you. Don’t think I didn’t flag like 312 quotes from your nonsense, but don’t think for a minute I’m blogging any of your skulking as a quote of the day.]

“Somebody has made those disgusting marshmallowy Rice Krispie things in the kitchen and then not cleaned up after themselves, and Gately has to clomp around finding out who’s responsible and get them to clean it up, and the code about ratting among the residents is such that you’d think he was a narc all of a sudden. The daily bullshit here is hip-deep and not so much annoying as soul-sucking; a double-shift here now empties him out by dawn, just in time to clean real shit” (594).

Okay, first, I want to take Don Gately home and make him a pot of soup ad tuck him in after a long day and tell him he doesn’t have to clean anything for a year. I think I need an “I Heart Don Gately” bumper sticker. He would be the best sponsor ever. EVER.

And Mr. Wallace, you’d better be pretending to find those Rice Krispie things disgusting; this had better be a narrator or Gately himself balking at the mess because, really, I might forgive you the horrors you’ve created in Randy Lenz, but I don’t think I can continue to be enormously enamoured of a SNOOT who doesn’t like Rice Krispie treats.

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