What in the…

The reasons I married Spouse…

Peanut: No I did not see you put on sun lotion. I don’t have eyes.
Spouse: Oh, well take my word for it. I put on mine and its your turn.

Peanut: Can I put nail polish on my fingernails?
Spouse: If you want to. It’s your body. What color?

P: I can’t listen to you. I don’t have ears.
S: [mouths, Okay, then I’ll go have a popsicle while you hang out here by yourself.]
P: [laughs] Did you say popsicle?
S: No. I said put on your socks.

Any guy who humors my son, helps him put on bright red nail polish, and keeps my stash of popsicles safe is okay in my book.

6 thoughts on “What in the…

  1. @ck Actually, he didn’t get him to put socks on. It was cute to hear, but no sock-y progress was made. The boy was barefoot all day. But I grade for effort, not results. Or I’d be bringing home Fs all the time….

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