IJ quote of the day 31

“Sober, she called him Bimmy or Bim because that’s what she heard his little friends call him. She didn’t know the neighborhood cognomen came from an acronym for ‘Big Indestructible Moron.’ His head had been huge, as a child. Out of all proportion, though with nothing especially Estonian about it. He’d been very sensitive about it, the head, but never told her not to call him Bim” (448).

How can anyone not love Don Gately?
Infinite Summer hits its mid-point this week. Join thousands of readers in enjoying/dismissing/loathing/patiently wading through David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.

2 thoughts on “IJ quote of the day 31

    • and what a sweet Mom gesture, if totally misguided and reeking of pathos, to call him “what his little friends call him” trying to be his friend instead of his Mom. Passed out and eventually hemorrhaging from cirrosis, the diagnosis of which has her nine year old clopping around on a broom proclaiming he’s King Arthur’s most trusted Sir Osis of Thulliver.

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