Ladies Night Out

Saturday started out slowly…went to the wrong birthday party and wound up missing a friend’s son’s big day. Rescheduled a date with a sweet boy who was terrorized by a grouchy Peanut on our last outing. Ate dinner way too late and faced a major meltdown.

Then went out for a night of adult conversation after bedtime with a couple of new friends, and it was glorious. A pan of still-warm brownies, a game of cut-throat cards, and just general talking about topics big and small.

Then I got home, really late on a cold night, to a couple of soft lights, my flannel jammies laid out on the bed, a glass of water at the bedside, and a pre-warmed side of the bed. (Spouse slept on my side until he heard me come home, then he rolled over and let me bake in his 3,000 degrees.)

Lovely night, and even better than I don’t have to choose between friends and Spouse. Three cheers for a great Saturday!

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