My kid just yelled at the TV, despite his 104 degree fever, because the song informed him that “You and me; solve a mystery…”

He bellowed, “No! ‘You and I’!”

That’s my boy! You tell ’em, Peanut. In fact, let’s grab some Magic Markers and go to town on your books. There’s a lot of passive voice in “Pete’s a Pizza.”

4 thoughts on “Score!

  1. Ha! That’s amazing. My daughter still puts “-ed” on the end of every other word (like hurt-ed, hold-ed and fall-ded down) and when I try to correct her she says, “No, you’re wrong, Mama. I can prove it.” I told her she’d have to take it up with Aunt Naptime, but perhaps she needs to meet Peanut. Nothing is as infuriating as being corrected by someone the same age of the opposite sex…

  2. Man, I loathe the corrections. He corrects me on everything, even when clearly wrong. “It’s time to go,” I say. “No, it’s not,’ he says “That looks like a helicopter,” I point out. “No, it doesn’t,” he says. “This is from Grandma,” I remind him. “No, it’s not,”‘ he insists. Thank goodness it doesn’t bug me because he’s clearly just saying no to everything, but some day he’s gonna catch me in a bad mood and I’m gonna tell him what i told a horrible little 7 year old at a playground in Malibu last summer, when she told me I was wrong, that the toy I just called a turtle is actually a turtle. “Young lady, I did say it was a turtle, and even if I didn’t, I am 6 times older than you and I think I know a few more things than you and don’t ever tell me I’m wrong again until you have a job and a mortgage.”

  3. Oh, ck, and he does -ed for his verbs, too, and conjugates them like a non-native speaker “they is going,” and still says hostipul, so I don’t think the DVD creators are exactly quaking in their boots about the “you and me” gaffe. But still….

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