IJ quote of the WEEK

That’s right. Incredible book full of intensely memorable quote, but this is our first quote of the week.

“Pat M. encourages newer staff to think of residents they’d like to bludgeon to death as valuable teachers of patience, tolerance, self-discipline, restraint” (271).

Why quote of the week? Because the painful suicide stuff I’m tucking away in the deep recesses of “I hope I never need to access this.’ And because Gately’s perspective via Pat M. grants the insight that working at a halfway house is like parenting a small child. ‘Cuz that patience and tolerance and restraint stuff? I didn’t have that before the small terrorist took over our Ennet House. But clearly I’ve developed some of each, because I’m not constantly feeding The Spider.

Mazel tov on being 25% through Infinite Jest. To those of you not reading, go do it. 10 pages a day, friends, and you’ll be granted brilliance and patience and a restored sense of humor. Or suicidal thoughts. You know. One or the other.

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