IJ quote of the day 20

“…even though Schtatt deep down believes that the substance-compulsion’s strange apparent contribution to Hal’s erumpent explosion up the rankings has got to be a temporary thing, that there’s like a psychic credit-card bill for Hall in the mail, somewhere, coming and is sad for him in advance about whatever’s surely got to give, eventually” (270).

Boy, oh boy, even within the spoiler limits we can say foreshadowing…like foresmacking us up against the head, given the opening scene.

2 thoughts on “IJ quote of the day 20

  1. “…erumpent…” indeed. My wife just passed page 100 and is now finally fully entrenched after years of me trying to get her to read the book. Thanks to you I think. I caught her snickering yesterday in that way that one does when reading DFW when he just astonishes with his acrobatics. Then she read a line Steeply to Maranthe overlooking the desert: “Go shit in your chapeau.”

  2. Ah, man, I love Marathe’s mistranslated English. Enjoyable.

    I still laugh out loud at all the AA meeting conversations. The sphincter-loosening shriek a la the fork incident, the hugs not drugs assault. All of it. Funny, funny stuff.
    Except the creepy, creepy stuff. Poor Tony scene is the next post. Some of the best writing EVER. And all I have to say is Randy Lentz in Allston and you know what haunts me. Horrifying.

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