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I think Wednesday might become “shamelessly linking” day because it’s also Movie Day, during which my kid gets an hour of crap from a DVD and I rearrange furniture or finally put away winter clothes or whatever (whatever meaning both of those things, at least today).

Here’s a lame attempt at mocking the literati, offering a list of how to pretend to read like a hipster. (It’s funny if you aren’t above conflating “nerdy” and “ironic.” Or if you’ve never read any of the titles on the list.) I say, find the egregious error and win a prize, in which you can say you may be pretentious, but at least you’re not a poseur.

Here’s an article on the legal decision that nobody other than J.D. Salinger can write a sequel to Catcher. Swedish author calls it book banning. His lawyers said the derivative text was parody. Judge says no. And hopefully, is being misquoted with “naivety.”

Here’s a bit about Mayor Bloomberg’s literary reference to Roth’s newest novel and how, as always, it’s all about context.

Finally, here’s a small item to file in my gigantic folder of why Florida should be annexed to anyone who will take them. Place in subfolders “parents should be licensed” and “do not go to Florida.”

3 thoughts on “Found around the Web today

  1. 1. What was the point of that list? Any one who went to college read a few of those books, or at least should have. And the book is Always better than the movie, which includes Twilight and Harry Potter.
    2. The dude was obviously looking for trouble. That just screams poor taste, if not law suit.
    3. So the mayor found inspiration in the one good line about NYC in a book that wasn’t about the good NYC. Who cares?
    4. Finally why would you have that large of a snake (or any snake) in the same house as a baby?

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