IJ quote of the day 7

Cop-out quote all of note 304, sub.

Slightly less cop-out, since it picks a favorite passage: all the anti-academese of note 304.

actual quote of the day, unofficially, according to only me and nobody else at infinitesummer.org:

“‘…the prenominate oversized infants reputedly do exist, are anomalous and huge, grow but do not develop, feed on the abundance of annularly available edibles the overgrowth periods in the region represent, do deposit titanically outsized scat, and presumably do crawl thunderously about, occasionally sallying south of murated retention lines and into populated areas of New New England.'” (1056)  [within the spolier line limits because it’s a note referenced way back in the 80s. As in page 80 or so, not as in pre-subsidized time 1980.]

Come on, folks—giant babies depositing gargantuan shite in the area forced upon Canada in order for Americans to export refuse? It doesn’t get much better. Except in this book.

Oh, the fans. If only we had the fans, those of us who do encounter such outsized scat…

11 thoughts on “IJ quote of the day 7

  1. Great quote…made even more obvious by your reference to “gargantuan shite” vs. DFW’s “outsized scat.” The former is nice to be sure but the latter is just perfection, no?

  2. I like your site. I read IJ one summer years ago and was transformed as you seem to be describing. I also, oddly enough, realized that I lived in the same town with the man who edited the book when he approached me on the commuter train home from work where I was wedged into a corner seat with this massive book completely immersed in Wallace-world. I found that after a spell of reading the book I would speak differently. And I still haven’t stopped using “and but so” in everyday conversation.

  3. Have you seen the Blammos tribute song? They posted it about two months after his death.


    I was just coming back to justify my lame baby crap synonym by saying that DFW was writing full time and paying outrageous attention to every word, whereas I am blogging by the seat of my pants in the ten seconds a day my kid leaves me alone and I’m not working, but then I decided to get over it. Because his thought processes and attenuating language are 412 stories above mine. No point in justifying. Nature of the beast.

  4. I LIKED “gargantuan shite” although I suspect that now just saying the words is making you cringe self-consciously. I considered not commenting the way I did because I didn’t want to be critical and because I think I’ve found you at least three new followers (beyond me) by forwarding the site and letting your sense of humor and fresh perspective do the rest. Here’s a quote:

    “I love this blog!!!!

    She really taps into the slow passage of time (one hour to eat pudding?) and hair ripping tedium of constant responsibility (motherhood) – but still gets across the love for her child and the importance of this unscheduled, experimental/learning time for the kid (i.e. taking 2 hours to walk around the block)- she also doesn’t come across as trying to be too intellectual to compensate for her lack of stimulating conversation or connection with a faster paced, informed world. Hats off! I also love the juxtaposition(?) of her daily trials and joys with Peanut with her DFW quotes. I can completely relate to her struggles of the mind and heart.”

    How’s that!

  5. The video is beautiful, too…that captures it. SO MUCH to say, talking and talking he did. And it all seemed so sad and then you realize you’re getting down to the very heart of how life can be so sad and beautiful at the same f**king time.

  6. Please don’t regret commenting the way you did. My feelings weren’t hurt. i can only do what I can do, and I’m no DFW. I think it is unbelievably sweet that you posted a friend’s comments because I started this blog to go insane more slowly than I was, and comments like that make me willing to find the patience I’ve lost and crave less of the sleep I’ve lost.
    Glad you liked the Blammos. Nobody I know reads DFW, the fiction or nonfiction, and I’ve been dying to share that vid. I post it every once in a while, but nobody clicks. That song got me through November, as I wrote a scholarly article on Wallace but could not find perspective after his death.
    I meant to say earlier, btw, thanks for stopping by. You’re the first to comment on the IJ quotes other than my regulars, all of whom are good sports to tolerate my infinite summer.

  7. I’m letting the quotes wash over me, fighting (maybe more like ignoring) the urge to start reading IJ again altho. I’d be behind. There’s something actually coming out of the quoting process for me I think. I’m wondering what a non-reader would make of it all because the quotes seem entirely untethered to each other or to any single thing one might imagine is a source document. You’re 100 pages in and the quotes are all over the place which is more a function of the novel than it is of your editorial leanings. (I saw your grammatical note btw and it made me self-conscious now because I’m afraid mine (grammar) is not up to snuff and I tend to write as it comes out of my head…anyway…you know what I mean?

  8. I do know what you mean. On all of it.
    I try to pick things so intriguing that people will decide on a whim to read the novel. Or just damned funny.
    Oh, hell, comments and blogs are not meant to be grammatically perfect. One of the smartest professors I know uses an expression in her writing that we all use when speaking, but which is not at all accepted standard written English. I don’t think less of her. But Wallace was a grammar snob, a self-described SNOOT (in Tense Present, which is reproduced in the book collection Consider the Lobster) and so I have always found curious this grammatical insistence of his, which insistence (I just used it there) drives me batshit insane. I don’t think less of him for using it. I just find it calls attention to itself.
    Everyone has quirks, everyone lets fly typos. Don’t feel self conscious…we all do what we can to express ourselves in this ridiculous, imperfect language.
    Glad the quotes are entertaining you. If one fan enjoys them (and you and dbj already do—like you he’s read IJ but isn’t doing it again for Infinite Summer) and one non-fan picks up the book, my work here is done.

  9. Too bad Naptime deleted all my info so you can’t visit my blog. Because I’m a big Spammy Spammer who tried to Spam someone *clearly* not in the mood.

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