Bright side Dark side

Peanut is a great traveller. Loves new sights, sounds, places. Sits patiently in the car for long rides, behaves well in public, carries his own luggage.

But oh, the nights. He wouldn’t eat until we  got ready for bed (new things kill his appetite and he didn’t eat all day and said he was hungry at 8pm Gee, you think?) and then threw a two hour tantrum last night and, as a result, went to bed three hours late. He woke and threw a meltdown fit at 2am. Yelled and cried for about 15 minutes that he never got his stories. He woke screamingly angry at 4am and revved up for a long fit about needing to brush his teeth (but Spouse caved a few minutes in because we’re in a hotel and it was 4 am and Spouse has low tolerance for early morning tantrums. Pussy. I’ll be paying for that choice for weeks, but oh well. That’s the luxury of the weekend parent. Not that I’m bitter.)

So, of course, Peanut work promptly at his usual time. 5:00. He’s had approximately five hours sleep. He’s trapped in a hotel room with a mother who has had approximately five hours sleep. He’s mad he couldn’t go with Spouse on his little jaunt of peace and quiet this morning. Apparently most of this anger is directed at the pricier items installed in this hotel room for people with taste, rather than children.

And I am faced with a day of fun, with people we love, and highlights of my favorite LA outings and the potential of either  Dr. Jekyl Travel Dude, the happy-go-lucky go anywhere friend or Mr. Hyde Nighttime Guy, the spawn of Freddy Krueger, and my worst nightmare.

4 thoughts on “Bright side Dark side

  1. Oh God. That’s horrible! I mean five hours of broken sleep with a child that has had five hours of broken sleep. It’s time for passive aggressiveness. Buy ear plugs secretly.
    Ok, I admit it, I have issues. Psst. I’ll send you some.

  2. earplugs do not equal bad parenting! i don’t like the sound of five hours of sleep. i don’t like it at all.

  3. @faemom you’re my kind of lady. Unfortunately, earplugs do not block this kid.
    @j 5 is pretty normal for me these days. But 5 when I’m in bed for 8 is just rude; and 5 for little Mr. 9-a-night is a disaster.

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