Hopes and dreams and cheese

Peanut’s list, at three years and two months, of things he would like to be when he’s big, has not changed a whit since three years and one month. So I think this is really it. I’m looking into colleges. And since he wanted some that need college and some that don’t, and he unwittingly stumbled upon the perfectly balanced list (in his order, verbatim, except for the lack of k/g and r sounds):

Fire fighter
Worker Who Drives Big Trucks
Police Officer
Tea Maker (“at one hotel because people don’t have their teapots with them at hotel”)
Cheese Maker

I told him I would totally come visit every day at work if he were a cheese maker. And I would.  I also think that’s the best freaking job I’ve ever heard, and one of only six I haven’t tried.

Yet. ‘Cuz he needs to apprentice in the family cheesemaking business before going to some Continental cheese college on scholarship, right? Right. Gotta go get a sheep, goat, and cow. And we have to move to Pt. Reyes to learn from the Cowgirl Creamery folks.

Does Cowgirl Creamery offer an internship  for three year olds? Is there a cheesemaking  magnet school nearby? Formaggio Kitchen scholarship? CheeseBoard preschool?

6 thoughts on “Hopes and dreams and cheese

  1. So, having spent too much time working for Cultural Anthropology, I recommend this as his first assignment. If he can’t get access to this article, just let me know and I’ll hook him up. ;)

    On the other hand, I’m a big proponent of big truck driving. If I had wound up in an anthro program rather than comm program I’d have done work/tech in the world of trucking. Alas I must focus on the videogames having wound up in a program that would certainly NOT understand truckers, as they barely understand videogames.

  2. @ fae it ain’t me. it’s him.
    @casey you totally have our number on raw milk. For cheese, whenever possible. For the liquid stuff, it’s the only kind he’ll get, except in one home where they grow ’em Big and Tall, and where it comes not only pasteurized but magically brown and chocolately.
    Love the scholarly article, though. though it was just a Berkeley/Santa Monica cultish thing. Glad to see it’s a philosophical battleground on organismic coexistence. ;-)

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