Roller coaster of optimism

Standing in shower, rushing, because there have been three solid minutes of quiet rather than shrieking and screaming and interruptions and fits.

In walks a thumping Peanut. Draws back shower door.

P: I’m eating cheese!
M: Heeey! That’s a big deal, buddy. You opened the refrigerator and took out cheese and opened it all your self?
P: Yep.
M: you should be proud of yourself.

And I close the door. And decide to brave shaving. He’s occupied, proud, and not screaming. I mentally wrote a blog post about lovely children and wonderful strides in growth and independence. A heartwarming “You go, Peanut!” post.

Stomping. Door opens again.

P: I’m eating one egg!

And he’s standing there, with a quarter-sized hole in the shell, licking a raw egg.

Oh, my god, I was thrilled with your independence for, like, one whole minute. Now I realize you don’t know very much, even though you can open doors, and with each development there’s a whole lot of hazard and a whole heap of nastiness in store.

Am I supposed to say, “At least I shaved?”
Or “how did you get just the corner of a raw egg opened”
Or “thank god you didn’t eat it like a mongoose?”

I think so.

6 thoughts on “Roller coaster of optimism

  1. Eating an egg? My goodness! How did it not spill out all over him? That’s talent.

    (Still totally laughing at your mongoose reference…perfect. Very Rudyard Kipling.)

  2. *LOL* Raw eggs are suppose to be good for kids. Or is it dogs? Guess it’s time to move the eggs up high and all the glass too. Way to go, Peanut! :-D

  3. Funny. Cheese was the first food my kids decided to get into on their own. They seem to have skipped over the eggs. But pickles are high on their list. Can you say sticky pickle juice. All. Over. EVERYTHING. Ah, independence. Ain’t it grand.

  4. Oh, that is hilarious! Hhhmmm…having my kid eat a raw egg but still getting a shave in? Yeah, that’s a good day.

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