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While we’re eye-high in corn this weekend, here is a wicked cool link for you. The people over at the good guide believe we should know more about what’s in our food, where it  comes from, and how it was created. So they rate foods, products, and toys to let you know how they’re made and what each will do to your body. They say on their transparency manifesto:

“There are three simple things everyone should know about their food but don’t:
Where did it come from? How was it made? What’s in it?

In the United States, manufacturers of processed foods are still not required to label where a product came from, whether it contains genetically modified organisms, or was produced using synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides.”

Check it out. They’ll tell you which sanitizers are best for your body and the planet. They have a great list rating the personal and ecological impact of thousands of foods and products including cleaners, toys, food, and personal products. Play around on their site. It’s good, clean fun.

2 thoughts on “Good guide

  1. Now I have to worry about my food, aaaahh naptime writing, you’re so not fun. Good news is that they’re talking about making it a federal rule that would require the mention of where the food comes from. At least juice companies are doing that; hence why I have to buy the expensive juice to Not get Chinese fruit.

  2. Hey, faemom, if I had a nickel every time I heard I was no fun, I’d be lording my riches over Oprah.
    good luck finding something that won’t kill you, your kids, or the planet. And let me know what it is when you do.

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