You’re kind of cute, you know?

Woke up with a new pimple on my nose and Peanut grabbed my face:

P: Mommy. What is that on your nose?
M: Is it a sore?
P: Yes! A new one. Kind of red and kind of white.
M: Oh.
P: Mommy, do you need one Band-Aid or one hug?
M: Hmmm. A hug sounds very nice.
P: [hugs me] There you  go, Mommy.

I think that’s the first time in my life I was hugged specifically because I had a zit.

Damn, they sure do pay well when they pay, don’t they. That erased pretty much every pimple in high school, right there.

5 thoughts on “You’re kind of cute, you know?

    • @desiree and ck I know…pretty cute. Still makes me feel good. I know he doesn’t know yet what society finds awful and repulsive. Clearly, for he still grabs trash out of the gutter. But the fact that he still just saw me, didn’t think I was less for it, was lovely. I realize he just offers Band-aids and hugs as rote response because that’s what I offer. But the hug was really sweet. So was the “There you go, Mommy.” when he was done with the hug.

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