Easy weekend

Two adults, one child, one 16-ft. truck, three days, and a house and garage full of stuff to move less than one mile.

I bet we’re done in  two and a half days.

Another rental, this time away from the noises and neighborhood we’re not crazy about for different noises and neighborhood until Mr. Mortgage (over at his new blog which is finally up at Field Check Group) suggests that, some time in 2011, that the bottom has finally arrived and it’s time to buy.

7 thoughts on “Easy weekend

  1. Sending you happy moving vibes–hope it all goes well! When it gets really tough, just remember that you can blog about it later. Good luck! :)

  2. @faemom Thanks. You, too. ;-)
    @KWitch I thought I was the only one who used that expression. I’ll tell you, though, I don’t mind moving. sure it’s inconvenient for a while, but I like geographic change, I like moving instead of cleaning, and I like purging all my c-r-a-p by saying, “well, I couldn’t decide where this goes for six months, so now it goes in the trash.”
    @ink you have a lovely perspective. That which doesn’t kill you give you good blog or novel fodder. I love moving, though.
    @ Norm you watch it now, because even as we unpack I’m thinking seriously about it. Buy as soon as we moved here, you left, so as soon as we go up there, you’ll leave again. That would be just too hard, to hang out with all your friends and not you! You’d be a great landlord, though, sink and window inconveniences notwithstanding…

    • @ck Yes, yes we did. Spouse moved in July, Peanut and I moved in Sept., we moved again in Nov., and we’re moving again this weekend.


      Good thing we don’t mind moving. Much. Because this is a big year for moving. Much.

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