National Poetry Month part v

Entonces la poesia es mejor en las lenguas otras


Jorge Gomez Jimenez

blanco, quieto y frío,
indolente y básico
como el frío,
delirante y soso
como el frío,
muerto, quebradizo y frío,
viento, tiempo y alero
como el frío
ritmo de mis días.

3 thoughts on “National Poetry Month part v

  1. Translation? Or does something get lost in the process? I heard someone rant once about how Neruda was bastardized in English. HowdahellaIknow? I only know German. Sort of. One of the only words I remember (which is my favorite) it the word for vacuum: staubsauber. Kind of sounds like a thing that sucks up detritus, doesn’t it?

  2. Damn my two years of high school Spanish that I promptly forgot. I got half of the poem and threw it into a translator. Thanks for sharing.

  3. my novice spanglish gets the gist. cold. cold and dead. i probably got as much out of this poem in another language as i have gotten out of many 100% english poems. bring it. i’m diggin’ the short and to the point.

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