Never, never read the news

The NRA says, “Now is not the time to debate politics or discuss policy. It is time for families and communities to grieve and to heal,” in response to this:

Sun 5 April: Father kills his five children them himself in Washington
Sat 4 April: Gunman kills three policemen in Pittsburgh before being wounded and captured
Fri 3 April: Gunman kills 13 people at an immigration centre in Binghamton, New York state, then apparently shoots himself
Sun 29 March: Gunman kills seven elderly residents and a nurse at a nursing home in Carthage, North Carolina, then is shot and wounded himself
Sun 29 March: Man kills five relatives and himself in Santa Clara, California
That is just last *week*.
When is the time to debate policy?

4 thoughts on “Never, never read the news

  1. I went on a huge rant yesterday about some of the above items. WHY do suicidal assholes take their kids with them? I just can’t take it, I can’t.

  2. Then Mon there was a guy who killed his ex-wife, their daughter, two relatives and himself in TN.

    Yeah, I think it’s past time to start talking about new regulations. Some of these shootings are done with assult rifles. What person needs an assult rifle? We have stronger regulations on cars for goodness sake! It’s all so crazy.

  3. Very good question! I can’t stand the NRA … I strongly feel their cause is stupid …

    I’m at odds w/ my boyfriend (a cop) always for carrying that stupid thing around like it’s a security blanket …

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