Peanut and I were hiking and passed a group of teenaged girls, probably 17-19. They had stopped and were cleaning up after their dog, a feat I found impressive since there were, I think I’ve mentioned this, three teenage girls in the middle of a hiking trail. No witnesses, no garbage cans.

So we walked passed, and they continued on…about half a mile ahead I passed a bag on dog poop sitting at the edge of the trail. I thought about picking it up, but I was feeding Peanut (in the backpack) and needed two hands clean to divy up sliced tofu. So I walked past the disgusting remains of a jerk who felt compelled to clean up but not dispose of his ward’s waste.

But guess who stopped and picked it up? Those ladies behind me engaged in a conversation about how gross poop is, and as I turned around to look, the young lady already holding a bag of poop bent down and grabbed the second bag. Different color, different…um…size, so clearly not her dog’s poop.

I told her she was the nicest human on the face of the earth. She blushed and all the girls fell back, waiting for Peanut and me to hike away and leave them alone. I did. Peanut asked what was going on, and I explained.

Kids these days.

5 thoughts on “Superheros

  1. Heartening indeed! Especially since this morning I saw my neighbor’s dog leave a gift on our yard while neighbor kept walking.

  2. whatever happened to the disaffected teenagers, all angst and red eyeliner, of my youth? aren’t they losing sleep and getting ulcers because of the constant threat of nuclear attack, blowing out their eardrums at night at punk shows, generally stickin’ it to the man? maybe picking up poop is somehow stickin’ it to the man. i bet facebook is the culprit…. dang kids.

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