this is why I love McSweeney’s

Okay, I’m sitting in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency in Albuquerque, temporary home of the Southwest Texas Popular Culture agglomeration of academic geeks, basking in the glow of my relative non-fuckedupedness in a postmodernism and new media studies panel (in the vein of, ‘well, I can’t be worse than half of the other panel chairs I’ve heard so far) and of the feminist reading of the Berenstain Bears by one hilarious and brilliant scholar from Dayton…and stumble upon this.

Seriously, the title alone is why I love McSweeney’s Internet tendency:

A Questionnaire Regardingthe Phenomenon of the Snuggie, the Blanket with Sleeves, for Testing Your Understanding of American Home Economics and Your Own Personal Desires, Written in the Style of Walker Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos by Stephanie Gehring

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11 thoughts on “this is why I love McSweeney’s

  1. (1) Congrats, congrats! I’m glad it all went well!

    (2) Hooray for McSweeney’s (that’s when I knew for sure we would be bloggie friends, when I saw McSweeney’s Lists on your blogroll).

    (3) Bill Maher did a HILARIOUS rant while wearing a Snuggie last night. I swear. Ok, I just went and looked it up. For your viewing pleasure…

    • @j I love that my blogging something makes it real for you. That is a whole new level of surrealism.
      @ink isn’t it time you come out with your rather impressive McSweeney’s secret, i.e., you heart Timothy McSweeney because Timothy McSweeney hearts you?

  2. That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I totally don’t understand Snuggies and think someone somewhere made a pact with the devil.

  3. That would mean a whole kettle of surreal fish, removing the bloggie mask and such…how did you know about the McS, anyway? See, you know my real name and so you have the power now. But…I know your name too….muhahaha… ;)

    • that’s why I was a little crafty in my mock unmasking…I gave nothing away to the 50 readers who frequent this blog, because they never have any idea what I’m talking about, anyway. If they did, they might turn me into a newt; I might get better.

      I use my power for good, not ill. Really! Okay, not really, but if I had a New Year’s Resolution it might be to use my powers for good. Or to win a tidy sum on a game show so I could make better choices about housing…

  4. And I’m dying to hear what you thought of the Maher Snuggie clip…because I know you will think something. And it will be funny. And I want to be right there to hear it. :D

    • I couldn’t focus on Maher himself, because I kept listening to the inner monologues of PJ O’Rourke and Gavin Newsom. I’ve never seen a liberal look so uncomfortable as jokes about our national ineffectiveness, insufficiency, and unseemliness wash over his 1980s New Jersey Bobby Knight hair, as Newsom did. It’s as though his publicist told him to tune out the monologue in case laughing would get him in political trouble. I loved that Alan Cumming was just unselfconsciously laughing.

      So really, I didn’t even hear more than the skeleton of “we don’t do anything any more except buy crap made in China, on credit financed by China” because I was caught up wishing Alan Cumming was mayor of San Francisco.

  5. That was worth waiting for! I wish Alan Cumming could be elected king of *many* things. He’s truly fab.

    And, OMG, about the laughing–so true! I always think about how whatever political party the person represents must be reacting to So-and-So’s response to Maher’s edgy humor. Thank goodness for multiple cameras that catch the “inappropriate” laughing. ;)

    And Nap, I just love your “1980s New Jersey Bobby Knight hair” line. Brilliant!

    Now I can go have a day, since you’ve given me a much-needed morning gigglefest. Merci beaucoup.

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