Ah, perspective.

After getting so far in the weeds I couldn’t see the sky anymore, I grabbed my copy of Elizabeth Pantley’s The No Cry Discipline Solution.

I’m feeling much better now. A bit of perspective, a few new techniques, some reinforcement for our AP style, and a welcome reminder that all the stuff I used to do was very well grounded in child development and therefore might work again.

Sigh. Pantley brought some welcome help for our sleep issues (not a solution, by any stretch, but some help) and is now my new best friend for getting back to teaching and away from yelling. She might just be my Valentine this year.

2 thoughts on “Ah, perspective.

  1. Just sending along hugs…I don’t know how you’re managing the inevitable exhaustion that accompanies sleep issues, but I echo faemom. Soon, soon, soon.

    Oh, and this is yer ole pal OV but I’m rechristened.

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