My middle name…

…should have been ultracrepidarian. I come from a long line of those to whom the adjective can and should be applied. And I am poster child for ultracrepidating, this month more so than I have been for years. In high school they called me Diane Chambers, and I was flattered they didn’t figure out I was Cliff Claven.

But seriously, until Dr. Goodword I didn’t know exactly how to best insult those members of my family who are even more ultracrepidarian than I am.

And you know who you are.

Speaking of good words, someone please take up this logophilic blog…if you don’t I will have to, and I have enough going on right now.

5 thoughts on “My middle name…

  1. I know you’re all busy, what with taking over that DFW blog on top of your other superheroic work, but surely *something* is bugging you so that you can write a post and make my day? Ok, that’s demanding. But please consider it a sign of how awesome your blog is…some of us out here in blogworld are jonesing for more funny. And you know what they say (with “they” here meaning, oddly enough, The Kinks)–you gotta Give The People What They Want.

    Or not. Because YOU are the boss of you, not me. And I respect that.

    • First, I love your writing. You know that. I do. Second, I love that you think I visit my commetns on days I’m not going to post. Like I have time to just check my stats but not write a pathetic little rant telling the world how much it sucks, or telling my kid how he’ll rue the day or something. I like that view you have of me. ‘Cuz even though the me you see is a wee bit pathetic, the me you see is also funny, and I’d pay money to have people say that to me on a daily basis. Now I gotta go post something…

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