You know what, World?

You really suck today, World. Sure, it’s a gorgeous 70plus degree day. Sure, there have been some very nice people in my way today. But overall, you are a rotten and no good inhabited planet today, World.

So since you suck so much today, and you owe me some *major* kharma points for royally fucking with me when I really didn’t have it coming, please send some of your worst asspain to the following peeps:

Do me a favor and throw a pebble in the shoe of the a–holes who lied to us when they sold us the last house, the realtor who let them, and the realtor who didn’t catch the lie. Also, please, give a huge festering stye to the people ruining the planet, a labial sebacious cyst to chemical companies who get away with the slow murder of the human race because they have strong lobbyists, and a painful nasal laceration to the jerks abusing workers for a profit.

It’s the least you can do, you sucky, sucky world.

5 thoughts on “You know what, World?

  1. YOU TELL ‘EM, NAPPY! sometimes it doesn’t matter how beautiful it outside, shit just sucks. in baltimore we’ve been trapped in the house ALL FREAKING WEEK, every day. snow and ice kept us here first, then beenie’s green slug-sized snots. let me out!

  2. That’ll fix their wagon!

    Meanwhile, I hope something good ends up coming out of this for you… maybe you will win a lawsuit and be able to buy a fabulous house?

  3. I agree, we were having the same day….but labial sebacious cyst. (I personally know someone who had one.) I’d really like to know what they did to deserve it. A good wish for someone you HATE!

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